We seek new trends in understanding water and sustainably-oriented solutions that capture the entire water cycle, preserve water environment and improve quality in every field of life.

7 BWF International Awards in 2019

Obtaining water of excellent quality from the air that users can pour from the machine in their bottles, an innovative sound project integrating a population with reduced vision into responsible water resources management, an innovative approach to connecting users of water resources and competent state institutions and international organizations affects the reduction of damages caused by drought in sub-basins at local, state and cross-border levels, by adding water to Blockchain, upgrades existing standardized labelling approaches and enables a more precise identification of the geographical location of the water source and the quality of this at different hydrological situations.

These are some of exceptional innovations and projects that received International BWF Awards 2019.

Review of all prize winners 2019.


Bled Water Festival will take place

on 10 and 11 June 2021


  • 2-day meeting of international organizations, businessmen, representatives of state bodies, experts, activists and investors;
  • We will highlight acute and current topics on the conservation of water resources and the aquatic environment and share examples of good practices;
  • We will present and reward innovative and sustainable solutions for the preservation of the aquatic environment and water resources;
  • Water sommelier program: as part of BWF 2021, we will carry out a global assessment of bottled water with our partner Fine Waters.


Join us!

On December 1 2020, we organized
a WEBINAR with the topic
Water and its influence.


It was held in Slovenian language
and is awailable to watch at this link.


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