We seek new trends in understanding water and sustainably-oriented solutions that capture the entire water cycle, preserve water environment and improve quality in every field of life.

Submit your ideas and solutions in one of the following awards categories :

»Responsible towards Water« Award:
– Corporate
– Individual
– National
The Most Tasteful Water in Slovenia Award
The Best Ecological Film Award
The Best Underwater Cleanup Award

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What to expect?

2 days

of current water topics, presentation of good practices, innovative solutions and films.


Meet the newest solutions, projects and films with the topic “responsible towards water”.


with business and government representatives from Slovenia as well as abroad.


As one of the ten most beautiful places in the world, Bled is an ideal location for a water festival: a lake, an island, a castle and a breathtaking view to the surrounding mountains.

New dimensions of water

Taste the water and choose the most tasteful water in Slovenia.

From Agenda

Digitalization and cyber security in the field of water management

Water is the most controlled asset of the urban environment and requires further consideration in terms of controlling information (cybernetic) security in ensuring sustainable water management.

Water Tasting with Water Sommelier

Haneul Kim, water sommelier from South Korea, will be presented in the interview with a view and at his lecture he will talk about his professional aspect of water which will be followed by guided water tasting.

Health ecology

Ericsson Croatia presents the project of setting up an information technology platform on how the quality of the environment (in this case water) affects human health. The project is in cooperation with Public Health Croatia.

Signing a commitment between the economy and the state

Representatives of the economy and the state will be signing a commitment to achieve the UN goals set out in the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. The commitment relates to Goal 6: by 2030 we need to ensure access to water and sanitation for all, and to ensure sustainable water resources management.


For attending Bled Water Festival
please register until June 11 2019.

Participation at the BWF is free of charge.


Photo by Aleš Mezek

The festival will take place at the Hotel Astoria in Bled on June 13 and 14.


Hotel Astoria Bled
Prešernova 44
Bled, Slovenia

How to reach the Hotel Astoria.
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