We seek new trends in understanding water and sustainably-oriented solutions that capture the entire water cycle, preserve water environment and improve quality in every field of life.

Responsible Towards Water 2022

International Call for Water Innovations 2022 is Open!
We would like to discover and award your innovative ideas which improve the water footprint. The best projects  will be awarded in 6 categories: 4 Corporate awards, 1 National award and 1 Individual award.
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Bled Water Festival will take place
on 16 and 17 June 2022


  • Two-day conference at Vila Bled (Thursday and Friday);
  • On the first day we will share experiences in the field of water and health, talk about new trends in bottled water and combining water sommeliers and cuisine. The second day will be dedicated to water innovation and  international awards. Detailed programme will be announced soon;
  • We highlight acute and current topics on the conservation of water resources and the aquatic environment and share examples of good practices;
  • We present and reward innovative and sustainable solutions for the preservation of the aquatic environment and water resources;
  • Novelty in 2022: Bottled waters from several countries will be presented and you will have the opportunity to taste them. Bottled water is one of the highest quality and we will explain what it means, how we can choose water by purpose of use, how to make a water cocktail, how to combine water with food. Details will be published 14 days before the event.
  • Networking: Meeting international organizations, businessmen, representatives of state bodies, experts, activists and investors;
  • You will have the option to sign up for a water sommelier course.

European Water Sommelier Assosiation – EWSA

We established EWSA in 2021 with the aim of raising awareness of the impact of water on humans and the connection between water and gastronomy.
With the European Water Sommelier Association program, we are giving water new dimensions by connecting it to the culinary world in various ways.
We have prepared a new recommendation on the quality of bottled water, in which we focus on the values of minerals such as those naturally present in water, highlighting why human body needs them and what their effect is.

We celebrated World Water Day at the Expo 2020 in Dubai

Bled Water Festival took part in Groundwater and climate change roundtable discussion at the Slovenian Pavilion at Expo in Dubai on 22 March 2022 presenting how drinking water affects the human body and how we can identify high quality water according to the purpose of use. For the first time ever, BWF presented a water cocktail Red Goldness to visitors, prepared by Jan Remec. The main ingredient was high quality water with 24-carat gold and natural ingredients such as honey, beetroot, ginger and lime juice. The visitors were welcomed with waters from Slovenia (Donat MG, Dana, Water is Gold) which we paired to food later in the event.
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