We have prepared the first certificate in the world, which gives people the opportunity to access the highest quality water resources, to understand drinking water and all the innovations that BWF brings in the field of drinking water, in cooperation with the largest international experts.

in Recognition of Commitment to High Quality Water Standards in the world

The BWF certificate is awarded to locations that meet the highest standards and provisions on the quality of drinking water in the world, which are determined by the independent international platform Bled Water Festival.

Awarding BWF certificates of excellence is an indication of water resources that are of the highest quality (tap or bottled) created by nature, without major human intervention in the entire process of implementation to the end user, and at the same time the water has the right ratio of elements that have a good effect on the human body. If the tenderers create other/secondary products from the best water, this is additionally scored (i.e. if the best waters are used to cook, produce other beverages, etc.).

We also educate all recipients of the certificate accordingly, thus expanding and coordinating knowledge and protocols for providing information on drinking water, through the European Association of Water Sommeliers.

The goals are therefore to provide above-standard water quality within the active legislation, which provides guidelines on what drinking water means for humans, which in our opinion should be the basic water quality, but this is not the case according to research. Humans put a heavy burden on the planet and there are various contaminants that can be harmful to the human body in the long run.

Who can receive it
The certificate is awarded to locations that distribute water to end users (restaurants, hotels, bars, etc.), water filling stations (company production) and public water infrastructure managers that fill or supply water of the highest quality.

The certificate granted to locations of the highest quality confirms that their tap or bottled water meets all the parameters set by EU legislation, that the water is drinkable and complies with the rules set by each country or appropriate body, and that it has passed additional tests required by the BWF and has completed drinking water education. Our additional tests ensure that the water is free from potentially possible contaminations, which are increasingly common in today’s world and almost always a step ahead of the required control provisions of the competent authorities for the control of drinking water quality.

Thus, the BWF certificate of excellence ensures that the water is clean or has no possible contamination that could potentially get into the water. The criteria also apply to locations that are certified for tap water. In practice, if contamination of the water source occurs during the testing phases, the certificate is withdrawn (it can be immediate or permanent).

Recipients of the BWF certificate of excellence are selected locations with the highest quality of water in the world, which are increasingly rare but still have exceptional natural quality, without major human intervention or major additional treatment or processing of water. We also guarantee that bottled water comes from the same source where a specific water brand was originally created. All too often, the brand name is used to refer to water that is bottled on various water sources around the world. So, we guarantee its uniqueness, quality and freshness.

The certificate mark on the location or water bottle indicates to users:

  • that the quality of the water in the bottle is as much as possible the same or even the same quality of the water at the source (i.e. without major modifications and treatments);
  • it also ensures its purity naturally;
  • has a positive effect on the body;
  • has the highest possible quality;
  • that people working at the location have appropriate and professional knowledge of water;
  • that in the event of bottled water, its uniqueness and freshness from the same water source are guaranteed. This means that one water brand cannot supply the entire world because the capacity of each water source is limited;
  • get understandable information about the water quality itself and a description of the water
  • you can sort the water by purpose of use.

Steps and conditions for obtaining the BWF Certificate of Excellence
1. Potential candidates fill out an online application form.
2. BWF samples the water on site and performs all necessary analyses in certified laboratories.
3. Candidates complete the training of the European Association of Water Sommeliers or submit a certificate from another organisation training water sommeliers.
4. We review the distribution routes of drinking water to end customers.
5. Award of the certificate, which is renewed once a year, with interim analyses and unannounced checks.


We established the European Water Sommelier Association (EWSA) in 2020 with the aim of raising awareness of the impact of water on humans and the connection between water and gastronomy.

With the European Water Sommelier Association programme, we are bringing a new dimension to water by connecting it to the culinary world in a variety of pioneering ways. With our expert mentoring, you can discover new opportunities for your business.

Using our experience, expertise and creativity, we have prepared a new perspective on the quality of bottled water, in which we focus on the values of minerals such as those naturally present in water, highlighting why the human body needs them and what their effects can be.

We are the first to offer healthy water-based drinks that are an excellent alternative to existing soft drinks. These drinks have been specifically created using water that has undergone a preliminary analysis to determine how to achieve the best combination of mixed fruits and vegetables.

Allow our sommeliers to immerse you in the finest water education, staff training, drink list creation and water safety management.


By training as a water sommelier, you gain knowledge that is welcome both in your private life granting you a clearer and superior understanding of drinking water, as well as allowing you to transfer your new expertise to your business and be a part of co-creating new global trends.

Help educate others on the true value of water quality and versatility.

Registration for the water sommelier course:

Areas and topics covered in the training:

  • Definition and history of water conveyors
  • Water and health
  • Water quality
  • Water tasting
  • Water and food
  • Water cocktails, coffee, teas, ice
  • Restaurant Water Tickets
  • Marketing & Branding

As a water sommelier, you will have an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of water, gaining insight into how and why to use or drink a particular water.

We have developed this training in collaboration with the Korean International Sommelier Association (KISA)



Marko Gajić, instructor and president EWSA
Ha Neul Kim, instructor and vice president of EWSA
Boštjan Jelovčan, instructor
Milin Patel, instructor

Water sommeliers

Sommelier Contact Year of certification
1. Nuša Pavlinjek Slavinc info(at) 2022
2. Lea Grlj lea(at) 2022
3. Grega Jesenovec grega(at) 2022
4. Tomaž Bolka kristofovtomaz(at) 2022
5. Jan Dobravec info(at) 2022
6. Jan Remec info(at) 2022