We established the European Water Sommelier Association (EWSA) in 2021 with the aim of raising awareness of the impact of water on humans and the connection between water and gastronomy.

With the European Water Sommelier Association programme, we are bringing a new dimension to water by connecting it to the culinary world in a variety of pioneering ways. With our expert mentoring, you can discover new opportunities for your business.

Using our experience, expertise and creativity, we have prepared a new perspective on the quality of bottled water, in which we focus on the values of minerals such as those naturally present in water, highlighting why the human body needs them and what their effects can be.

We are the first to offer healthy water-based drinks that are an excellent alternative to existing soft drinks. These drinks have been specifically created using water that has undergone a preliminary analysis to determine how to achieve the best combination of mixed fruits and vegetables.

Allow our sommeliers to immerse you in the finest water education, staff training, drink list creation and water safety management.


By training as a water sommelier, you gain knowledge that is welcome both in your private life granting you a clearer and superior understanding of drinking water, as well as allowing you to transfer your new expertise to your business and be a part of co-creating new global trends.

Help educate others on the true value of water quality and versatility.

Registration for the water sommelier course:

Areas and topics covered in the training:

  • Definition and history of water conveyors
  • Water and health
  • Water quality
  • Water tasting
  • Water and food
  • Water cocktails, coffee, teas, ice
  • Restaurant Water Tickets
  • Marketing & Branding

As a water sommelier, you will have an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of water, gaining insight into how and why to use or drink a particular water.

We have developed this training in collaboration with the Korean International Sommelier Association (KISA)



Marko Gajić, instructor and president EWSA
Ha Neul Kim, instructor and vice president of EWSA
Boštjan Jelovčan, instructor
Milin Patel, instructor

Water sommeliers

Sommelier Contact Year of certification
1. Nuša Pavlinjek Slavinc info(at) 2022
2. Lea Grlj lea(at) 2022
3. Grega Jesenovec grega(at) 2022
4. Tomaž Bolka kristofovtomaz(at) 2022
5. Jan Dobravec info(at) 2022
6. Jan Remec info(at) 2022