About BWF

Bled Water Festival is the leading platform for water innovations in the region.

The purpose of the project is to create revolutionary trends in the development of civilization, enable better quality of life and set a sustainable system of water cycle.

It is the platform for connecting and awarding different organizations, international experts, activists, film makers, business people, politicians, investors and general public with the goal to provide modern solutions, integrate them into the system faster, and consequently raise the quality of life, and give rise to the business sector in sustainable orientation for a better tomorrow.

With awarding innovative ideas and examples of good practice from business sector, national and individual projects, films (with ecological topic), we would like to raise awareness about water and necessary sustainable orientation when dealing with water resources for a better quality of life in the future. We bring new dimensions of water and provide the platform of business opportunities and connections.

BWF Team

Mario Gajić


Patricija Mencigar

International relations

David Modrič

Operations Manager

Renata Lovrak

Public Relations

Franc Fritz Murgelj

Public Relations

Artjom Bajdak


Igor Marijan

Logistics Manager

Žiga Pretnar

Registrations Manager

Gorazd Škrt


Marko Maver


Jure Pirc


Expert Board

Dr. Mitja Bricelj

State Secretary

Republic of Slovenia
Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

Tanja Miškova

Acting Director-General

Republic of Slovenia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Department for Emerging Challenges and Threats

Elizabeta Kos

Assistant Minister 

Republic of Croatia
Ministry of Environment and Energy
Directorate for Water Management and Protection of the Sea

Nataša Milić

Acting Director
of Water Directorate

Republic of Serbia
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management

Milan Chrenko

Director General

Slovak Republic
Ministry of Environment
Directorate for Environmental Policy, EU and International Affairs

Richard Müller, PhD

Director General

Slovak Environment Agency

Film Board

Rade Šerbedžija

President of Bled Water Festival

Actor, director and musician

Dunja Klemenc

Director of film festival

Film producer and costume designer

Boris Cavazza

Actor and director

Nikola Kojo


Čedomir Kolar

Film producer

Marcel Štefančič, jr.

Film critic, television presenter and publicist

Support Board

Prof. dr. Mihael Jožef Toman

Univesity of Ljubljana
Biotechnical Faculty

Department of Biology
Chair of Ecology and Environment Conservation

Full Professor

Dr. Janez Potočnik

International Resource Panel (IRP)


Nuša Plavlinjek

ROTO Group

General Manager

Danijel Koletić

Apriori World

General Manager

Yogesh Joshi

Saffron Branding Management LLP, CEO
Akshay Foundation, Managing Trustee

Jure Leben

BLS Sinergije

Tomaž Rogelj

Tourism Bled


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